Arsenal Fans: Tomiyasu Can Block Ronaldo

By | September 3, 2021

LONDON: Arsenal fans believe Takehiro Tomiyasu may be the player who could block Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo following a video clip as Serie A rivals became contagious.

The short video shows the defender successfully dominating the Portuguese captain during Bologna’s match against Juventus.

Tomiyasu, 22, was seen snatching the ball from Ronaldo before holding on and turning to get out of the danger area.

A fan on Reddit wrote a comment: “CR7 (Ronaldo) came to Prem (English Premier League) to stay away from him (Tomiyasu).”

Another joke comment: “I’m sure. He’s better than Ronaldo, you can’t tell me otherwise.”

While another fan left a comment: “We brought it in in response to CR7 for United!”

Still, there are fans who state: “Clips like this just spark false hopes.”

Ronaldo faced Tomiyasu twice in Serie A and he blasted home a goal from the penalty spot as he helped Juventus to a 2-0 win in June last year.