Klopp’s Weird Excuses

LONDON: There is no denying that Jurgen Klopp is one of the best managers in the world and any operator must have his own ‘grievances’.

Klopp once gave various absurd reasons especially when Liverpool failed to win.

Here are some of Klopp’s ‘best’ reasons since he arrived on Merseyside:

1. Liverpool 0-1 Southampton: Too windy

The Reds dominated both semi-finals of the EFL Cup against the Saints, but fell 2-0 on aggregate.

“It was very difficult in the first half – the wind was so weird and it was hard to control,” Klopp said.

“You see one or two balls pause for a moment when no one knows what’s going on. It’s hard for a team that plays football.”

2. Liverpool 2-3 West Brom: Television broadcasters cause matches to be short

In January 2018, Klopp claimed the broadcaster was the cause of Jon Moss simply adding four minutes of extra time instead of 10 minutes at the end of the first half.

“What I heard was that the extra time it was supposed to be in the first half was 10 minutes. But it was only four minutes and I heard (the broadcaster) say it could not be longer than four minutes.

“Of course this should not happen. You can’t shorten the time just because there are other things to post.

“If it’s 10 minutes then it should be 10 minutes. You can’t say it’s too long.”

3. West Brom 2-2 Liverpool: The field is too dry

In April 2018, the Reds squandered a two-goal advantage when tied 2-2 with West Brom already eliminated and it clearly did not please Klopp.

“It was a difficult match let alone with the field getting drier. It was not easy to move the ball in that situation.

“West Brom clearly do not wet the field at half time. I am not happy with such a field because for West Brom, they do not need a wet field because many balls are in the air.”

4. Wolves 2-1 Liverpool: Again, too windy

Klopp’s ‘enmity’ with the wind continued at Molineux when Liverpool were knocked out of the FA Cup, early last month.

However, the action involved did take place in a rather windy situation.

“The wind did not help us. The players struggled to control the ball,” Klopp said.

5. Liverpool 1-1 Leicester: Too snowy

As his men tied 1-1 against Leicester in a snowy atmosphere, he acknowledged the situation had an impact on Liverpool’s pattern of play.

“You see the ball can’t roll properly. You have ball control of up to 70 and 80 percent so the situation is very uncomfortable for the players.”

6. Man United 0-0 Liverpool: Injured United player

This is probably the least intrusive reason Klopp has ever issued. When Liverpool failed to overthrow United in the face of an injury crisis, Klopp claimed that United’s lack of players was a hindrance for his men.

“Everyone see that we are so confident and you are better than all the United players on the field but the match has changed completely.”

7. Liverpool 1-4 Man City: Nervous

Liverpool’s mission to defend the English Premier League (EPL) title seems to have ended in the hands of goalkeeper Allison Becker who made two major mistakes to help City win.

Klopp gave a strange excuse when he said Allison might have made a mistake because she was ‘roaring.’

“We made two big mistakes. They used it well and were 3-1 behind this match, it was difficult for us to get up.

There is no exact explanation for this. Maybe he’s nervous? It sounds funny but that might happen. Maybe he should have kicked the ball out but Ali saved us a lot. “

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