Kroos: European Super League Is Exciting Too

Toni Kroos can see the benefits of organizing the European Super League despite criticizing the potential for more matches in a schedule that is already too tight.

The idea for the European elite team to set up their own league division has long been debated but it came to mind again after former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu claimed that the Blaugrana squad had agreed to join such a league.

Kroos is confident that his team, Real Madrid, will definitely be involved but the midfielder this week criticized FIFA and UEFA for having too many matches to face the world’s best players due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Referring to the possible League of Nations and the Super League, Kroos said: “With the creation of something new like this, we look like puppets for FIFA and UEFA.”

Commenting further on his statement with Marca, the German national player also stressed on the benefits that will come from organizing the tournament.

“What I’m trying to say is, without a doubt, there are positive things about it,” Kroos told the Spanish newspaper.

“We can see more matches with a very high level that can only be seen in the semi-finals or finals of the Champions League and we all love to watch it.

“It will make football very attractive for spectators and teams and for anyone who does not have a specific team. We all love to watch football at the highest level,” he said.

However, He added: “You also have to take care of small teams. They are all very competitive.

“This Super League is something different. I’m more concerned about other things.”

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