Messi Expected To Arrive In Paris Today

By | August 9, 2021

Paris: Lionel Messi is expected to arrive in Paris today, joining Paris Saint-Germain, after saying goodbye to Barcelona he represented for the last 21 years.

The 34-year-old player, seen by PSG as a complement to the French Giant Champions League mission owned by Qatar’s millionaire.

Yesterday, dozens of PSG loyal fans gathered at Le Bourget’s airport in the hope of welcoming their latest galactico. However it is unavailable.

Messi who can not withstand tears when you say goodbye to Barcelona yesterday, admitted PSG might be the next destination but there was no agreement yet.

PSG is the only club capable of paying 35 million euros a year to the Argentine star.

“I pour everything for Barcelona since my first day arrived until the last day. I never imagined you would say goodbye.

“I have not been able to accept the fact that I will leave this club now – I’m very soddling this club,” Messi said.

Meanwhile, ball enthusiasts from all over the world returned hard fruit nails to Pencaasub Messi who had previously labeled Ligue 1 as a farm league.

“It’s not possible after many years of insulting Neymar for joining ‘peasant league” but then Messi joined him, “said one of the fans.