Neville Knows The Person Who Leaked United’s Info

By | February 16, 2022

MANCHESTER: Gary Neville claims he knew the mastermind who leaked Manchester United’s locker room secrets until the team became the butt of laughs.

Several reports from Old Trafford under Ralf Rangnick have been revealed in recent weeks.

Neville was clearly furious when information from the team was revealed to the media and he claimed to know which players as well as representatives were responsible for the matter.

“This is what’s happening at Manchester United right now – players, public relations (PR), agents and marketing teams trying to take care of their own players.

“What they don’t realize is when they go to the media and then the media goes to us – so we know who is giving the information.

“We don’t like this to happen but we know who did it.”

Rangnick’s training technique was also labeled the ‘old way’ with some players not liking the 11 -on -11 match at Carrington and wanting specific training sessions to hone their skills.

In fact, Rangnick’s assistant Chris Armas who handles many of the training sessions labeled as Ted Lasso refers to a football comedy character from television who is unreliable.

“I think this is a very disrespectful thing (to the coaching staff) – I don’t think it’s a funny thing.

“When they call Armas Ted Lasso, I think that’s really annoying. They have absolutely no respect for the coaching staff,” he added.